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Posted: Feb 25 2010

 Lamarcka imbricata (Bruguière, 1789), Mossy Ark   Previously Arca imbricata Bruguière, 1789

I try to be consistent by using the word "documented" to indicate my first-hand knowledge of collecting locales in Florida, the first-hand reports of other collectors, or reports I've seen in journals or Florida state reports. I admit that I do not do a comprehensive review of the literature or museum data bases, but usually report general areas based upon what I come across preparing these presentations. So, I am always happy to hear from others to add their records. Responding to this presentation with collecting data are:

Ken Piech: "Although A. imbricata seems to be more common in the Bahamas, it is also present in the Florida Keys, where I have been collecting shells for over 20 years. I found one specimen of A. imbricata under the Bahai Honda Bridge in 1997. Last year I found four specimens of A. imbricata around Money Key."

Andy Borgia of Key West: "Arca imbricata is very common in the Keys, I have numerous lots from many sites... ."

Steve Rosenthal: "I have ... two from Ohio-Missouri Key ... in rock/rubble areas fresh dead at low tide, right along US 1 on the ocean side."

OK, Andy's comment embarrased me. Just a bit more research would have allowed me to know about the presence of A. imbricata in the Keys. The most authoritative work for this information would be:

Bieler, R., and P. M. Mikkelsen. 2004. Marine bivalves of the Florida Keys: a qualitative faunal analysis based on original collections, museum holdings and literature data. Malacologia, 46(2): 503-544.

They found 218 original collection, museum specimens and literature reports of A. imbricata in shallow and deep water on both the ocean and bay sides of the upper, middle and lower Keys, including 41 records of live shells.

10/9/17  Bob Fales:

FYI - I have a single specimen live collected in July 1973 on a rock in ~6 inches of water near the Chanel Five bridge pilings just east of Fiesta Key (ref 24.839614, -80.780262).

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