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     Webpage created 8/9/17 by                          Marlo F. Krisberg                      (See footnote at bottom of page)


Let's Talk Seashells (LTS) is intended as a resource predominantly for information related to Florida, Caribbean and western Atlantic seashells and, thanks to Phil Liff-Grieff, volunteer Research Associate at the Los Angeles County Natural History Museum, many California seashells. All material presented on LTS may be freely used for non-commercial or educational purposes provided that LTS is duly credited* as the source material.  Any photos utilized shall duly credit the photographers.  If the material is used in print media, it is requested that an electronic reprint be sent to  Not all photo material on this site can be readily copied, so those wishing to use particular photos can email me for the original photo files.

*Citation: Krisberg, Marlo F.

Discussions/presentation at the species level - Univalves

Discussions, photo series, how to identify or distinguish a species or between species.

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     Notice of apology

We recently upgraded this WIX website.  Unfortunately, it appears when WIX did so they deleted numerous photos from our earliest work.  So, you may see a blank rectangle where a photo previously was posted.  We are working with WIX to resolve this problem.  As of 6/8/23 we have replaced many of the blanks.

If you run into a missing photo you really wanted to view, email and we'll try to get it to you.

Discussions/presentation at the species level - Bivalves
Discussions, photo series, how to identify or distinguish a species

or between species.

Note: The Univalves Bivalves presentations mostly cover self-collected species in Marlo's collection plus many gifts from generous contributors. 

New Additions -  New presentations and new/revised slides added           to existing presentations.     (Most recent additions: Nov 28  2023)


Mollusks: More than a Shell   6/21/23

Seashells, with their beautiful shapes and colors, have inspired humans since the dawn of time.  Equally fascinating are the animals  which make them, and

their unique  place in the web of life.

Researchers and citizen scientists

continue to make new discoveries,

while a cutting-edge digital project

makes vast research collections easily accessible online.

(There are links to two sites - the title and the photo)

Mollusks 1.jpg

In The Field
Topics about places, techniques, experiences, etc.

Checklists & Collecting Reports
Lists of shells collected at Florida/Gulf locations.


About Seashells

Terminology, anatomy, classification, etc.

Care & Feeding of Shell Collections
Cleaning, preservation, data, storage, home display, etc.

curator 2.JPG

                                                       This Curator's Corner section is taken                                                                 from the newsletter of the BMSM, edited                                                             by José H. Leal, Science Director & Curator.  This section was created to offer a more extensive listing and insight on      LTS into Florida species than only those from Marlo’s collection, and      to provide an insight into the great work Dr. Leal is doing.   

Identification Help
Galleries of similar Florida shells to quickly narrow your search.


Meet the Shell People - Present & Past
Photo and background of people involved in seashells. 

Shell Links
Links to different sites related to seashells.

Photographing & Scanning Shells
Cameras, lighting, techniques and other how-to's.


Ark Shells Found on the Beach

An identification guide

Beach Arks 4.JPG

Mauritia mappa (previously known as Cypraea mappa). A paper on specimens from Kwajalein. 

Miscellaneous shell related discussions

Topics discussed from the Invisionfree LTS forum (now hosted by Tapatalk - Let's Talk Seashells)

Shells as Homes

Florida Hermit Crabs


Footnote (2018):  This WIX website was created to preserve photo material from the old Invisionfree (now Tapatalk) forum Let's Talk Seashells when Photobucket announced it would soon curtail its "free" support for image files used in websites.  So, Photobucket material on the Tapatalk site may or may not remain for the foreseeable future.  However, all "new" material is posted only to this WIX site.  We migrated all the photo-based presentations, but still link to the LTS Tapatalk site for some all-text material.  Much of Marlo's material was created in photo formats from PowerPoint slides.  The photos added to this WIX site or copied to this WIX site from Tapatalk are not and have not been edited.  As a result, some apparent links in slides may not work (particularly slides in "galleries"), but look for a corresponding active link elsewhere in the presentation.  

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