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Steve's mystery bivalve - Puerto Rico

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John Bell posted to Conch-L 1/8/2023:

I found a small white shell that appears to belong to Fasciolariidae in the beach drift at Anne’s Beach. It is 13 mm in height. It has six axial ribs, a bulbous protoconch of about 1 ½ whorls (slightly tilted and intact on this specimen), 5 whorls, about 10 spiral ribs on the penultimate whorl (the two on the shoulder broader), about 9 teeth/lirae in the aperture, a single fold on the lower columella, and doesn’t appear to me to be any of the usual Florida species that it superficially resembles (i.e. oyster drill, juvenile T. giganteus, Polygona, Dolicholatirus, or Hemipolygona). The closest picture in Abbott that I could find is species 2524, Fusinus alcimus. Given that he reports the shell’s habitat as 95 fms depth, it seems very unlikely to be my shell. Any thoughts? I can send a picture of it to any of you directly on request. My email is

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