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Posted: Jan 16 2011

 Arcopagia fausta (Pulteney, 1799), Faust Tellin, Lucky Tellin

1/16/11 Posted on Conch-L:

"I’ve checked the checklists, the new Encyclopedia of Texas Seashells, and elsewhere and as best I can tell A. fausta occurs in Florida waters only along the SE coast and Keys and not in the north and western Gulf of Mexico. If anyone has first-hand or otherwise reliable information of finds other than indicated, I would like to hear from you."

Jim Brunner, Gulf Coast Shell Club and major contributor to Harry Lee's Northwest Florida Marine Mollusk Checklist , reported:

"None recorded from NW Florida."

Peggy Williams, author of Shallow Water Turridae of Florida and the Caribbean, indicated:

"It's common in the Bahamas and at least as far south as Belize."

Carole Marshall, Broward Shell Club, reported some interesting finds:

"I only recently found it on Peanut Island (Palm Beach County). I had not seen it there before, (or if I did I was not paying attention)but came across an Octopus hole with quite a few pairs arranged around. I do not think I found a live one, but too many dead pairs not to be very close by."


"They occur occasionally at the sound end of Jupiter Sound; no live ones observed but dead pairs show little signs of degradation."

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