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Posted: Jul 8 2008 by LTS member Bullas

Anomia simplex d'Orbigny, 1853  Atlantic Jingle Shell

Another new find for me in the Indian River about 3 miles south of Edgewater,Fl.
Common on the beach but this beauty is the first in the river I've found and the largest I've ever found anywhere. I was digging around in some ribbed mussel's when I found it.

It measures 51mm x 45.8mm.


Posted: Oct 17 2009 by Marlo (updated 8/18/18):

Anomia simplex 1.JPG
Anomia simplex 2.JPG
Anomia simplex 3.JPG
Anomia simplex 4.JPG
Anomia simplex a.JPG

Harry Lee refers us to to a discussion of the rather bizarre taxonomic/nomenclatorial history of the genus.  I've posted the content here, but the photos and the links are not "hot."  Therefore, CLICK HERE to go to the "live" copy of the SHELL-O-Gram. 

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