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Posted: Jan 23 2009

 Ameritella texana (Dall, 1900), Say's Tellin  Previously Angulus texanus (Dall, 1900)

April 1, 2016 – Harry Lee notes that “most of the New World spp. previously assigned to Angulus Mühlfeld, 1811, are now considered an exclusively Indo-West Pacific group, … are now placed in Ameritella Huber, Langleit, and Kreipl in Huber, 2015*.” Among them is Angulus texanus. So, in books, papers and data bases you might peruse published or updated since 2015, you may find this species identified as Ameritella texanus. In the interest of continuity and ease of reference for those relying upon older references, and to minimize my workload, I am refraining from updating to this name until this change has been more widely utilized.

*Huber, M., 2015. Compendium of Bivalves 2. A Full-Color Guide to the Remaining Seven Families. A Systematic Listing of 8'500 Bivalve Species and 10'500 Synonyms. ConchBooks, Hackenheim, Germany.

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