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Posted: Sep 9 2007

 Chama congregata Conrad, 1833, Little Corrugated Jewel Box

*Campbell, M. R., Steiner, G., Campbell, L. D. and Dreyer, H., 2004. Recent Chamidae (Bivalvia) From The Western Atlantic Ocean. Malacologia 46(2): 381-415.

Rusty commented on the LTS forum:

To me Chana congregate tend to be very common on treasure coast the most abaduant of all the Chama species. But ironically beached ones look very different from the pictures above. If you are lucky you might find a few with a few scales left on them but the main and easy way to Id them is by their orange yellow pigments which other chama species don't have. Sometimes they have purple pigments in addition to orange yellow. When beached they often fool a lot of beachcombers into thinking they are broken shells by their lumpy appearance. Odd enough the bottom section tend to detach and beach in better shape than leafy jewelbox. They're the second smallest chama on Atlantic side.

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