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Posted: Oct 20 2007

 Ctenoides scaber (Born, 1778), Previously Lima scabra

Rough File Clam

Rusty commented on the LTS forum:

Seem to be a bit most common of file clams though still rare on treasure coast. Also recently considered sp. scabra. 

Harry Lee also commented:

Dear Rusty,

"Lee (2009: 22) pointed out that the species epithet "scaber" [not "scabra"] is correct when used in combination with Ctenoides. Mørch (1853: 56, 57) introduced the latter taxon as a subgenus of Radula Klein and did not in any way indicate is gender. Article of the Code (ICZN, 1999) mandates that all -oides genus-level taxa thus undesignated are to be treated as masculine. Marlo and a few other workers are the only ones compliant with the Code on this matter.

ICZN (International Commission for Zoological Nomenclature), 1999. International Code for Zoological Nomenclature Fourth Edition. International Trust for Zoological Nomenclature, London. pp. 1-306 + i-xxix.

Lee, H.G., 2009. Marine Shells of Northeast Florida. Jacksonville Shell Club, Inc. 204 pp. + 19 color plates. 28 May.

Mørch, O.A.L., 1853. Catalogus conchyliorum quae reliquit D. Alphonso dfAguirra & Gadea Comes de Yoldi , regis Daniae cubiculorum princeps, ordinis Dannebrogici in prima classe & ordinis Caroli Terti Eques. Fasciculus Secundus. Acephalus Annulata Cirrepedia. Echinodermata. Ludwig Klein, Hafnia [Copenhagen]. [1]-74 + [ii]."

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