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Posted: Oct 8 2009

 Ischadium recurvum (Rafinesque, 1820), Hooked Mussel

After posting the above presentation I also posted an inquiry on Conch-L as follows:

"As always, any comments and additional photos would be very welcome. I wonder if others have found I. recurvum to have become as scarce in Florida as I have. Anyone found it in the Keys?????????"

I also sent an inquiry to members of LTS as follows:

"I would like to hear from all those who have collected this shell anywhere along the Atlantic coast or is aware of valid finds and identifications."

Repies were submitted as follow:

Andy from Key West reported:

"I've only found it [in the Keys] once attached to bundles of reed roots washed up at tideline from Boca Chica Key." "I find it very common on the bridge seawall at Chokoloskee [Collier County in the Everglades]."

Steve Rosenthal wrote:

"You have the size to 60mm, which I have seen quoted in shell books. I have a number of specimens from S New Jersey that are 64mm up, and one shell found recently that I surmise could be the WRS at somewhere around 68.6mm, all from oyster piles at (where else) the quaint towns of Bivalve and Shellpile, in NJ."

Jo O'Keefe reported her late 90s finds with a photo:

"I found them along with old oyster shells. The area is the mainland of Ocean Isle Beach, NC."

Bob Lipe recalls that:

"Probably over 10 years ago I found I. recurvum in Boca Ciega Bay at the Bridge down close to the Veterans Hospital on Alt. 19 (Gulf Blvd.) in Pinellas County. It's brackish water and I don't know if they are still there or not. This is (east of) the Tom Stewart Causeway that goes over to Madeira Beach."

Oct 10, 2009, Steve Rosenthal asked:

"Regarding I. recurvum, I would be interested in hearing more about those northern records, ie Cape Cod or thereabouts.

It has never been found in New York to my knowledge, at least not recently, so I am curious if anybody knows what the actual northern records are."

Oct 18, 2009,
Harry G. Lee provided this insight:

"Dear Marlo and Steve,

DeKay (1843:183) indicated that Mytilus hammatus (= Ischadium recurvum) was not found in New York State.


De Kay, J. E., 1843. Zoology of New York or the New York fauna; comprising ..... Part V. Mollusca. Carroll and Cook, Albany. 1-271 + iv + 4 (unpaginated) + 40 plates (lithographs; most hand-tinted)"

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