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Posted: Dec 28 2008

 Lucina pensylvanica (Linnaeus, 1758),  Pennsylvania Lucina

syn: Linga pensylvanica

Related literature

Taylor, J.D. & Glover, E.A. (2016) Lucinid bivalves of Guadeloupe: diversity and systematics in the context of the tropical western Atlantic (Mollusca: Bivalvia: Lucinidae). Zootaxa, 4196 (3), 301–380.  "Three species of Lucina are recognised, Lucina pensylvanica in the Gulf of Mexico and Florida and the similar Lucina roquesana from the Caribbean and Bahamas while the smaller L. aurantia has a wide distribution from central America to the Bahamas."

3/18/16, Rusty posted on LTS forum:  This lucine tend to be strongly found in brackish inlets in treasure coast rarely wash up on beaches facing the ocean. They tend to be common to abaduant when washed up on inlet beaches but due to the weaker Indian River waves their replenishment rate tend to be slower so more isolated beaches have better amounts.

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