Shell Links
Links to different sites related to seashells

Conus Biodiversity Website Images, original descriptions, searchable - Fantastic

eurasian shells Lots of images of shells but also live animals and a special website for miters. Site design by Emmanuel Guillot de Suduiraut and Georges Booc

Hardy's Internet Guide to Marine Gastropods Thousands of shell pictures. Administered by Eddie Hardy

Holman Seashell Collection Photo collection of Florida seashells at the Department of Marine and Environmental Systems, Florida Institute of Technology.

i Love Shelling Blog on shelling at Sanibel/Captiva by Pam Rambo

Jaxshells - Huge collection of superb photos (including many of live shells), data, and general information - Lots of Florida. Webmaster Bill Frank

Man and Mollusc - Resource Site for Students, Educators, and anyone wanting to learn about Molluscs Administered by Avril Bourquin

Kwajalein, Marshall Islands Seashells Incredible photos of living shells. Site also treats Nudibranchs and other sealife from Kwajalein. Don't miss this one.


PECTEN SITE by Arne Ghys Developing site devoted to worldwide Pectinidae

Picture Guide to Shells North Gulf of Mexico A Picture Guide to Shelf Invertebrates from the Northern Gulf of Mexico.

Sea Slug Forum This site aims to generate more interest in nudibranchs, bubble-shells, sea hares and other sea slugs. Administered by the Australian Museum

Seashell-collector Fabulous site full of photos, help and discussion forum

Seashell Guide A pictoral guide to beach finds, especially along the Carolina coast. By Patricia Mitchell

Shells of Brazil Webmaster/WebDesigner Carlos Henckes


Shells of Sunset Beach, North Carolina

ViaNet Conchology Website created by Artur Buczkowski & Slawomir Boron Ph.D. Great photos indexed by family.

Olivier Caro Wonderful photo record of Olivier's collections.