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Posted: Dec 4 2023

Dermomurex elizabethae (T. L. McGinty, 1940), Elizabeth's Aspella

Dealing with Dermomurex has been a learning experience.  It has introduced me to a new concept - Intritacalx (intrita - crumbly; calx - chalk), introduced in 1971.  Intritacalx is an unusual coating on the shell surface.  It differs from the underlying shell in being flat white in color, much softer, and, in many cases, with intricate sculpture which may not correspond  to that of the underlying shell.





































Special thanks to Harry Lee and Roland Houart for bringing the existence of intritacalx in Dermomurex to  my attention and aiding in identification of my D. pauperculus and D. elizabethae specimens.

Intritacalx example 3.jpg
Dermomurex elizabethae1.jpg
Dermomurex elizabethae 2.jpg
Dermomurex elizabethae 3.jpg
Dermomurex elizabethae 4.jpg
Dermomurex pauperculus A.jpg

Photo live animal: jaxshells

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