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Posted: Apr  2018

Oliva fulgurator (Röding, 1798) 

Oliva fulgurator has been presented under many names due to its diverse color variations and writers' propensity to distinguish themselves by creating new names.  However, Bernard Tursch and Dietmar Grefeneder (Oliva Shells: The Genus Oliva And The Species Problem, 2001) have presented persuasive evidence that all are forms.  I am not going to attempt to create a presentation of this species since an adequate visual synopsis has been created at Jaxshells.  Click here to go to the Jaxshells site.




































Related reading

Tursch and Greifeneder (1998).  A Puzzle of Highly Multiform Species:  Oliva fulgurator (Röding, 1798) and Related American Taxa.  Apex 13(1-2): 1-61.






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