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Checklists & Collecting Reports
Lists of shells collected at Florida/Gulf locations

Posted: May 18 2024

 Mosquito Lagoon (North Central Florida)

Mosquito Lagoon is the most northern section of the Indian River Lagoon (IRL), North America's most biologically diverse estuary system. The IRL was the first ever designated Estuary of National Significance. The IRL stretches approximately 156 miles along the east coast of Florida from Ponce Inlet at the north to Jupiter Inlet at the South. The lagoon region encompasses portions of Volusia, Brevard, Indian River, St. Lucie, Martin and Palm Beach counties. The lagoon system actually encompasses a series of shallow, interconnected lagoons -- the Indian River, the Mosquito Lagoon and the Banana River. Six small and widely spaced inlets connect the lagoon to the Atlantic Ocean. The size of these inlets and the shallow nature of the lagoon allow for a limited exchange of waters between the lagoon and the ocean. One of these inlets, Port Canaveral, is separated from the lagoon by locks, further reducing tidal exchange with the ocean.

The IRL has a great diversity along its 156 mile length, but limited diversity at any one section. Much of the Lagoon is polluted and heavily developed. However, the southern half of the Mosquito Lagoon portion of the IRL is surrounded by the Canaveral National Seashore and the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge and is the one section of the IRL that remains entirely undeveloped. This area is rather distant from the inlet at Ponce and does not exchange waters with the ocean. The collecting area for the shells in this list is reflected in the below photo of the Haulover Canal area.

mosquito lagoon 5.jpg
mosquito lagoon 7.jpg
mosquito lagoon 6.jpg

This list was started in October 2006 and includes the results of multiple collecting efforts by Marlo Krisberg over a two year period.  All IDs are by Marlo and, when in doubt, confirmed by Harry Lee (Lee, Harry G.  2009  Marine Shells of Northeast Florida.  Jacksonville Shell Club, Jacksonville, Florida).


Acteocina canaliculata 
Astyris lunata 

Bittiolum varium 
Busycotypus spiratus 

Bulla occidentalis

Caecum pulchellum
Cerithiopsis gemmulosa
Cerithium atratum 

Cerithium muscarum
Crepidula depressa
Crepidula maculosa

Eupleura sulcidentata
Fasciolaria tulipa 
Granulina hadria
Haminoea succinea 

Longchaeus suturalis
Marshallora modesta  

Melanella conoidea

Modulus modulus
Nassarius vibex 
Olivella pusilla
Petitilla crosseana

Pilsbryspira leucocyma

Prunum apicinum

Prunum carneum

Pyrgocythara plicosa

Rictaxis punctostriatus
Truncatella pulchella
Turbonilla toyatani 



Anadara ovalis

Angulus merus

Angulus texanus
Anomalocardia auberiana
Brabatia cancellaria
Carditamera floridana 
Chione elevata
Glans dominguensis
Lyonsia hyalina
Mercenaria mercenaria form notata
Parastarte triquetra 

Tagelus divisus 
Tagelus plebeius 
Tellina aequistriata


Tusk Shells

Dentalium americanum (MK;

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