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Posted: May 2024

I made this trip to explore the oyster creeks inside the inlet.  

Ponce Inlet May 2024.jpg
Ponce Inlet 007.JPG

The habitat is one of soft, muddy sand with oyster-lined shorelines and sand flats along the main channel. I timed my visit for a -0.6 tide.

I spent about two hours trudging through the soft sand over exposed flats and shoreline.  Not a whole lot of mollusks were observed.

Ponce Inlet 014.JPG

Here are the species I encountered in addition to thousands of oysters [Crassostrea virginica (Gmelin, 1791)].  For a more comprehensive list of species found in the entire area of the inlet in the picture above see  Ponce Inlet Checklist

Cerithium eburneum 10.jpg
Strombus alatus 17.jpg
Neverita duplicata 8.jpg
Urosalpinx cinerea 17.jpg
Urosalpinx cinerea 18.jpg
Stramonita haemastoma floridana 14.jpg
Cinctura hunteria 24.jpg
Melongena corona 122.jpg
Sinistrofulgur sinistrum 20.jpg
Phrontis polygonata 32.jpg
Oliva sayana Ponce Inlet.jpg
Brachidontes exustus 11.jpg
Isognomon radiatus 14.jpg
Dinocardium robustum 15.jpg
Serratina (Merisca) aequistriata 7.jpg
Dosinia concentrica 10.jpg
Mercenaria mercenaria 21.jpg
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