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Checklists & Collecting Reports
Lists of shells collected at Florida/Gulf locations

Posted: Dec 24 2023

 Tarpon Springs (West Central Florida)

The list presented here on Dec 24, 2023 is copied from the LTS list and data on Tapatalk from 2002 thru 2006.  No additions were made after 2006.  The list is recreated here to allow easy additions from this date forward.  ...


Additions to the list are welcome.  Mail to  Photos should be included if possible so identifications can be confirmed.  Additions after 12/24/23 are footnoted at bottom of list.


Names were those current when specimens observed.  List is not updated as names change.

Tarpon Springs.jpg

"Tarpon Springs" includes the bays, lagoons and ocean from Gulf Harbors at the north to the waters around the causeway to Honeymoon Island at the south.


Acteocina canaliculata
Acteocina candei

Assiminea succinea
Astyris lunata 
Bittium varium

Bulla striata 
Cantharus multangulus

Caecum nitidum 
Cerithium muscarum 
Cerodrillia thea 
Columbella rusticoides
Conus stearnsii 

Conus spurius  SR*

Costoanachis semiplicata

Crassispira leucocyma

Crassispira sanibelensis

Conus jaspideus stearnsi

Cylindrobulla beauii

Dentimargo aureocinctus 
Dentimargo eburneolus

Gibberula lavalleeana 
Glyphoturris quadrata 

Granulina hadria

 Haminoea elegans 
Haminoea succinea 
Hespererato maugeriae 

Ithycythara lanceolata 
Longchaeus suturalis

 Marshallora modesta
Microeulima terebralis; Previously Strombiformis hemphilli 
Modulus modulus 
Nassarius vibex 
Odostomia laevigata

Olivella mutica 
Olivella pusilla 
Parvanachis obesa 
Pilsbryaspira leucocyma 
Pilsbryaspira monilis

Prunum apicinum

Prunum amabile

Prunum avenacea

Pyrgocythara filosa

Pyrgocythara plicosa

Pyrgocythara hemphilli 
Pyrgocythara plicosa 
Pyrgospira tampaensis

Rissoina redferni
Schwartziella catesbyana 
Stellatoma stellata 
Suturoglypta iontha 
Terebra concava 
Terebra protexta 

Turbonilla arnoldi

Turbonilla conradi 
Turbonilla dalli 
Turbonilla hemphilli 
Turbonilla incisa

Turbonilla incisa constricta

Turbonilla levis

Turbonilla ornata

Turbonilla puncta

Turbonilla rixtae

Turbonilla speira

Turbonilla textilis

Turbonilla unilirata

Turbonilla virga


Turbonilla virga

Anomalocardia cuneimeris

Carditamera floridana 
Chione elevata 
Cuna dalli 
Glans dominguensis 
Laevicardium mortoni 
Lindapecten exasperatus

Linga amiantus 
Lucina nassula 
Parastarte triquetra 
Parvilucina nassula 

Pitar simpsoni

Tellidora cristata

 Petricolaria pholadiformis  SR*

*Additions submitted by:

RF - Collected and reported by Robert Fales 

SR - Observed/collected and reported by Steve Rosenthal

Avril Bourquin, developer of the Man and Mollusc website, was an early recipient of a vial of Tarpon Springs micros. She put a lot of effort into photographing and identifying them. Click Here to see the results.

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