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Posted: Jan 7 2012

 Polymesoda caroliniana (Bosc, 1801), Carolina Marshclam

1/7/12 I posted on Conch-L:

"I found one report of P. caroliniana for Alabama, but none for the Florida panhandle or south of Duval County on Florida’s east coast. Can anyone report first-hand knowledge of this shell from these locations?"


Steve Rosenthal commented:

"... both Markus Huber and I independently found this species in Alabama as well while attending COA there a few years back. My other specimens are from when I lived in NC."

Regarding occurence in the Florida panhandle,
Harry Lee reported:

"... a R valve from the Steinhatchee R. just upstream of Steinhatchee, Taylor Co., FL has a width of 52.4 mm and a height of only 48.9 mm (H.G. Lee Collection)."

Jim Brunner of Panama City in the panhandle reported:

"This is a fairly common find in the waters of North Bay in Bay County. They don't usually look as nice as the specimens you show...much more erosion of the umbone area."

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