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Posted: Sep 19 2010

 Cerodrillia thea (Dall, 1884), Thea Drillia

9/19/10 I posted the following notice on Conch-L:

"C. thea has been described as from Florida’s west coast and Key West. However, I have three records from Florida’s east coast (two are Harry’s checklists). Does anyone else have first-hand collecting knowledge of this shell along Florida’s east coast?"

Andy Noturus of Key West reported:

"I screen it regularly from Key Largo to Key West in grassy sand."

G. Thomas Watters, Curator of Molluscs, Ohio State University Museum of Biological Diversity, reported finds as follows:

"I have thea from Key Biscayne and Grassy Key."

Marcus Coltro of provided photos of three C. thea from the middle Florida Keys:

"We've had three specimens from Bunnie Cook's collection, from Big Pine Key. Taken under rocks in shallow water, November 1975."

Sizes are 10 mm, 10.5 mm and 11.2 mm

9/20 David Kirsh, Durham, NC, also found C. thea at Big Pne Key:

"Yes, I found one at Big Pine Key in ghost shrimp rubble in 1969."

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