Posted: Dec 19 2009

 Chicoreus pomum (Gmelin, 1791), Apple Murex

In 2011 Phyllonotus was raised to the status of genus from its former state as subgenus of Chicoreus . (Merle D., Garrigues B. & Pointier J.-P. (2011) Fossil and Recent Muricidae of the world. Part Muricinae. Hackenheim: Conchbooks. 648 pp. page(s): 114.)

So, this taxon is now Phyllonotus pomum (Gmelin, 1791).

3/3/16  Rusty:

To me they're more common on gulf side compare to Atlantic side. Atlantic side are uncommon broken rare intact. Apparently the ocean doesn't beach them easily often hold them in splash zone plus beach combers are always looking for intact murexs. Just found two on treasure coast this year first for Atlantic side.

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