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Posted: Jun 27 2016

 Zonulispira sanibelensis Bartsch & Rehder, 1939  Sanibel Turrid

Crassispira sanibelensis Bartsch & Rehder, 1939

Crassispira sanibelensis may now more properly be identified as Zonulispira sanibelensis or Zonulispira crocata (Reeve, 1845). See discussion, below.  As of 10/7/17 WoRMS adopts the name Crassispira sanibelensis.

Posted: Jun 27 2016 by Harry Lee:

I may be missing something here, but I believe this species belongs in Zonulispira Bartsch, 1950, and Pleurotoma crocata Reeve, 1845 is a senior synonym.


Based upon Harry's comments, I asked José about his use of C. sanibelensis. He replied:

"...for years we had the species under Zonulispira crocata in the collection and in our SW Florida Shells site, but within the last year changed the name back to C. sanibelensis following a recommendation from Phil Fallon; I have to dig a little deeper to find the rationale behind the usage (C. sanibelensis is also the species name used in WoRMS.)"

Marlo: So, I sent an inquiry to Phil:

"Would you like to jump in? Depending upon how I searched, I found:

Malacolog: Zonulispira crocata (Reeve, 1845) with Crassispira sanibelensis as synomym.

WoRMS: Crassispira sanibelensis - "accepted'
WoRMS: Zonulispira crocata - "accepted' "




Phil replied:

"The synonymy of Crassispira (Crassispirella) sanibelensis Bartsch &

Rehder, 1939 with Pleurotoma crocata Reeve, 1845, is in error. I

believe the latter might belong in Buchema (see attached photo of

Reeve's species). The first name for this species is Bartsch & Rehder's,

which of course has been moved to Zonulispira Bartsch, 1950. Drillia

(Drillia) acucincta Dall, 1890, is a fossil species and not the same as

Z. sanibelensis."

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