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Posted: Jun 8 2010

 Crepidula convexa Say, 1822, Convex Slipper Shell

While the distribution map presented by Dr. Collin shows a break from about south Georgia to central Florida, Harry Lee, author of Marine Shells of Northeast Florida 2009, 6/9/2010 commented:

"Since your presentation indicated NE Florida is a "dead zone" [my quotes] for convex slipper shell group, let me assure you that we have found Crepidula convexa not uncommonly in these (our) waters."

Marlo:  I have found Crepidula ustulatulina only as far north as Brevard County.

3/18/16  Rusty:

Pretty common in Maine where they likes being on rocks and in tidal pools.

Cripidula convexa 6.jpg
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