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Posted: May 2 2011

 Raeta plicatella (Lamarck, 1818), Channeled Duck Clam

Reader comments:

Steve Rosenthal: "I think you have a much higher chance of finding them paired and in better shape on the west coast of FL versus your usual turf of East Florida, and probably even less likely further north, like at Wallops."

Marcus Coltro (Brasil): "It is amazing how difficult is to obtain pairs of Raeta plicatella anywhere... we only have one specimen pictured on our photo gallery and it was collected in 2004. I only found lose valves on the beach since I was a child."

Ken Piech reported that pairs of R. plicatella "are not all that uncommon on Sanibel Island after winter storms."

Carole Marshall: "It seems that I remember a whole raft of them on the beaches of Ft. Myers, Florida one year. Perhaps they are not so common in other places."

Rusty:  They are pretty rare on treasure coast. Seem like space coast is their southern most limit on Atlantic side and broken pieces are common there.

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