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Posted: Sep 9 2007

 Eupleura tampaensis (Conrad, 1846), Tampa Drill (Cocoa Beach, too*)

Previously and still treated by some as Urosalpinx tampaensis (Conrad, 1846)

*CLICK HERE to read about finding this species on Florida's east coast.

Florida oyster drills 1.jpg

squijum3 posted on Nov 25 2006 in the LTS forum and asked:

Question: This past week we collected a few eulpleura in the Banana River along the causeway to Cocoa Beach. After looking through many books came to belive them to be Eulpleura tampaensis, but everywhere I look they only list as coming from our west coast??  Some are as large as 30+mm, very purple aperature & a dark narrow band around the middle of the shell. Any info would be great.  Do we get tampaensis here on the east coast??

Any help is appreciated. Thanks very much!!!


E. tampaensis is found on FLorida's east coast. See this article.

9/9/07 Marlo:


Here're some images of micro sized

E. tampaensis recently collected from

the same locale as the specimens

squijum3 described.

Banana River Lagoon between Merritt

Island and Cocoa Beach, Brevard

County, FL. 10 and 11 mm

June 2008 Marlo:  Just observed these live

specimens; Banana River at Pineda Cswy.

Eupleura tampaensis Kiwanis May 2024.jpg
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