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Posted: May 22 2011

 Lithopoma tuber (Linneaus, 1758), Green Star Shell

3/4/16  Rusty:

Seem like there's several subtypes isolated by their specific habitation needs. Northern I have two from somewhere north of space coast they're larger and more brown. Rare treasure coast. Sea won't beach easily I have found almost only in shell hash in splash zone and seem like they like natural rock rubbles off shore. They are the biggest and heaviest of the top snail species so often beach like fresh or chewed up a bit on outside. Only beach worn carrier shell can be mistaken for this. I finally found one beaten up one on treasure coast this year. Been learning more and more about what shell species beach and where you most likely to find certain types. Found two at Jupiter island that's of a subtype strongly green like green turbos you find in shell shops.

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