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Posted: May 2 2007

 Littoraria irrorata (Say, 1822), Marsh Periwinkle

For more great images see Jaxshells.

3/4/16  Rusty:


Yes I agree found one live on a small patch of reed grass in Indian River at fort pierce. Population of this appear to be connected to any reed grasses that survive invasion of mangroves. Dead is very rare due to weak wave action and hermit crabs.

Littoraria irrorata 7.jpg

A portion of an article by Harry G. Lee from:


"The familiar Marsh Periwinkle, Littoraria irrorata [shell (above)] was named by Thomas Say the same year (1822: 239-240; [R]) but across the pond from Paris, in Philadelphia. Say’s somewhat more detailed description mentions the greenish color, likely due to commensal algae in this case (and proven with the immigrants’ shells), but “thick … elevated obtuse equal lines … suture not indented …labrum within white and thick” are sufficient to distinguish the two species. At this point I’m tempted to mention that some species descriptions penned nearly two centuries later are not as rigorous. Original descriptions aside, a critical difference between these two presently congeneric periwinkles is their microhabitat, upon which neither of the masters touched. Say’s species has

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