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Posted: Aug 25 2014

 Nassarius coppingeri (E. A. Smith, 1881) 

8/25/14  Harry Lee:

The Femorale shell, although a tad juvenile, is correctly placed; good work, Marlo!

The Poppe shell is Uzita scissurata (Dall, 1889) [q.v.] and possibly the same as the shell treated as Nassarius coppingeri of Rios, not of E.A. Smith (Lee, 1998).

"Nassarius" miser does seem to have affinities with "N." coppingeri. Neither is an Uzita to my way of thinking.

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Rios, E.C., 1970. Coastal Brazilian seashells. Museu Oceanográfico,Rio Grande, RS, Brazil. 255 + [1] pp., 4 maps, 60 pls.

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