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Posted: Aug 26 2014

 Nassarius sp. Conceicao Brazil

8/28/14  Harry Lee:

This is the Uzita identified as Nassarius consensus, at least no. 2 

and the shell on p. 2 anyway, at the Femorale website: lookie here

I think it differs from that taxon (N. consensus), the type locality of

which is off Charleston, SC.

8/29/14  Marlo:

Unfortunately, the Femorale photos do not provide sufficient

surface detail to make any conclusions. However, I doubt any

are the taxon I've presented as N. consensus. If the specimens

presented by Femorale are the same as what I've herein

presented as N. sp. Conceicao Brazil, then a comparative

examination of the detail of the surface sculpture would indicate

they are not N. consensus. Most of the specimens presented by

Femorale clearly have distinct spiral cords, which N. consensus

does not.

Here are three samples of the variability of the detailed surface sculpture of N. consensus to compare to N. sp. Conceicao Brazil.

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