Posted: Dec 31 2010

 Natica livida Pfeiffer, 1840, Livid Moon-Shell

12/31/10 Posted on Conch-L:

"Particularly regarding N. livida, would like to hear from those with first-hand or very reliable locale data for shells collected in Florida."

G.Thomas Watters, Curator of Molluscs, Ohio State University, reported:

"I have records from:

Bear Cut, Key Biscayne
Crawl Key, Keys (Crawl Key is an island in the middle Florida Keys.)
and the Bahamas"

12/31 David Kirsh:

I collected a specimen 17mm in height at C.I.T. Key in Newfound Harbor Channel off Big Pine Key in July, 1969.

Another 6mm livida is from Marina Cay, British Virgin Islands, February, 1968.

A third 16mm specimen in my collection is from Barra Grande, Bahia, Brazil, June, 2009. The callus and columella are light orange.

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