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Posted: Jan 2 2011

 Neverita duplicata (Say, 1822), Shark Eye

1/2/11 I posted on Conch-L:

"My impression is that (N. duplicata) ... (is) found in areas with quartz sand and not the calcareous sand found in the Florida Keys. Has anyone collected live specimens ... in the Keys, and, if so, was it an isolated incident or are you aware of living populations? And, if so, do you recall the kind of sand where they were found?"

Readers' responses:

G.Thomas Watters, Curator of Molluscs, The Ohio State University, reported:

"I have a single live taken N. duplicata from Bear Cut, Key Biscayne collected on a sand bar. This area, if I remember, is quite calcareous. I have other specimens from as far N as Massachusetts."

3/3/16  Rusty:

Top 5 most common snail species on beach treasure coast. Usually low tide but sometimes storm surges leave them high. Very common in splash zone where other shells are common. I have collected tiny babies to giant ones 4 inches in size. Their large mouth differs from white moon snail and nerites. Broken pieces are very common and sometimes you have to double check whorl pieces they can be baby ears which are uncommon.

nev diplicata.JPG
Neverita duplicata 8.jpg
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