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Posted: Mar 22 2022

Olivella mica (Duclos, 1835)

Syn: Olivella dealbata (Reeve, 1850)

Syn: Olivella monilifera (Reeve, 1850)

The most authoritative publication addressing these three taxa is:

Vervaet,  F.L.J., 2018. The living Olividae species as described by Pierre-Louis Duclos. Vita Malacologica 17: 1-111.


Almost all treatments of O. dealbata and O. monilifera prior to Vervaet should be considered suspect.


Original description (from Vervaet): O. Testâ ovato-cylindraceâ, albâ, punctatâ tribus parvis imaginibus fulvis in dorsum; spirâ acutâ, elongatâ.


OLIVE MIETTE. Très-petite espèce à fond blanc, ayant trois rangs de petites maculatures fauves, dont le supérieur continu jusqu’ à la fin du premier tour de la spire, laquelle prend environ moitié de la coquille; bord columellaire légèrement plissé en concave. Longueur, 8 millimètres. Habite les Antilles. Ma collection. Type locality. — “Les Antilles” [Greater Antilles and Lesser Antilles].


Vervaet examined a syntype and specimens from numerous Caribbean locations, but not Florida.  Despite numerous authors reporting the synonyms O. dealbata and O. monilifera as present in Florida, I have not been able to confirm any such valid specimens found in Florida.  In a Conch-L discussion during April 2017 regarding this issue, Harry Lee1 commented, “The FL record for O. dealbata appears to be based on Olsson2 (1956: 185; pl. 15, figs. 6, 6a, 6b), who identifies a dumpy shell with the Reeve taxon, a clearly erroneous diagnosis.”  In private correspondence 3/22/22 Harry confirmed “I haven't seen O. mica in FL.”


1.Lee, Harry G.  2009  Marine Shells of Northeast Florida.  Jacksonville Shell Club, Jacksonville, Florida.  Lee is also the moderator for the most extensive checklists of Marine shells found in Florida.

2.Olsson, A.A., 1956. Studies in the genus Olivella. Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia 108: 155-225, pls. 8-16. 3 Oct.  < >

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