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Posted: Apr 5 2017

Olivella perplexa Olsson, 1956

10/11/06  This exchange moved here from another topic discussion since it is related material.

Tom Watters,



Thanks for such a prompt list (shells from Cape Romano). Please take another look at the

Olivellas. I'm certain there are O. pusilla, O. perplexa and O. inusta, but not O. acteocina.

Here's an image of the O. perplexa from the lot.

Tom responded:

Yes, this is the species I called Olivella acteocina. But it matches Redfield's photo. What

are the differences between acteocina and perplexa?

Marlo replied:

Tom, I do not have any O. acteocina to analyze for comparison. I am relying upon

the following:

Abbott (1974) places O. perplexa in Florida, but not O. acteocina (the Bahamas to Panama).

Mollusks, 2nd ed. does not include O. acteocina as occurring in the USA. And, as of 4/5/17,

WoRMS also does not include Florida in the range for O. actiocina, but then, neither does WoRMS include Florida in the range for O. perplexa.

Considering the various specimens I've collected around Florida and reviewing Redfern's notes, I'd say the adult O. perplexa is consistently smaller (protoconch plus three whorls as compared to O. acteocina's five whorls). Unfortunately, this is not one Colin photographed live. However, Harry Lee confirms the animal (in above photo) is the same as his records of live O. perplexa.

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