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Posted: Dec 30 2010

Polinices lacteus (Guilding, 1834), Milk Moon-shell

On 12/31/10 I posted notice of this presentation on Conch-L. Following are the comments and information sent in by readers:

Sid Sneidar reported:

"1097 Naticidae Polinices lacteus (Guilding, 1834) 00/00/63 1097 Bear Cut, Biscayne Bay, Florida, 3', live, in sand, common." Sid provided a photo.

1/14/17  Rusty:

Seem like they are very abaduant around fort pierce. Large specimens are uncommon to rare on beaches but when sorting shell hash from splash zone a lot of tiny ones can be found.

                                                                       CLICK HERE for a few more photos.

Polinices lacteus 11.jpg
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