Posted: Apr 13 2007

Rictaxis punctostriatus (C. B. Adams, 1840), Pitted Baby Bubble Shell

As of 6/9/18: Japonactaeon punctostriatus (C. B. Adams, 1840)

R. punctostriatus is widely distributed on both sides of Florida. However, I have not found it in the Florida Keys. In my experience its habitat is among soft bottoms, often very muddy, with at least some grass (although I did once collect it live in a mucky area devoid of grasses where I sunk up to my knees). When found dead, R. punctostriatus is a translucent white and has delicate spiral lines around the body whorl and just above the teleoconch sutures. While very noticeable in dead-collected shells, these spirals are barely visible in live-collected shells as the below photos illustrate. As Redfern describes, these spirals include “small square or rectangular pits.”

This specimen from East side Indian River, 4 miles south Ft. Pierce Inlet (Middle Cove), St. Lucie County, FL. Photo is of a live shell. Photos by Marlo Krisberg

This specimen is from Jupiter Sound, Palm Beach County, Florida. 3.5 mm Photos by Marlo Krisberg

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