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Posted: Mar 22 2014

Sinum maculatum (Say, 1831), Maculated or Spotted Baby’s Ear and

Sinum perspectivum (Say, 1831), White Baby Ear Burrowing

CLICK HERE for more images of S. maculatum

CLICK HERE for more images of S. perspectivum

1/7/07 Lyle:

I have found this species almost everywhere I have been in Florida, on both coasts as you described. I have also found it as far north as the Charleston area in South Carolina.

David Kirsh:

I've found live ones at low tide on Shackelford Banks in North Carolina.

3/18/16  Rusty:

I agree that both species are uncommon to rare on treasure coast. I usually find at least one or two over three weeks stay in fla for a few years now on beaches. To me both species occurs at the same frequency. And too add the fact that they can on first glance resembles broken sharks eye spirals which both whole and broken shells occurs at a far higher frequency on beaches than baby's ears. Then add to the problem unless looked at spiral heights iron stained sinum perspectivum do exists.

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