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Posted: Jul 16 2008

Strombus pugilis Linnaeus, 1758, West Indian Fighting Conch

Strombus pugilis is very similar to S. alatus Gmelin, 1791, the most common Stombidae found on both sides of the peninsula and the Florida Keys. S. pugilis is also reported as occuring in Florida. However, it has been suggested, and I would concur, that S. pugilis is not a native Floridian species, rather it is a Caribbean species that has reached the Florida peninsula and interbred with Florida's S. alatus. In my experience there is only one apparent location where S. pugilis and it's hybrids occur in Florida - Palm Beach County Florida’s east coast. In this area specimens can be found clearly having the characteristics of either S. alatus or S. pugilis as well as specimens with characteristics of both, where it is a toss-up as to which name to assign. The specimens in this presentation are all from the Palm Beach area. S. alatus is treated in a separate presentation. A comparison of the two is presented at the end of this presentation.

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