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Posted: Jun 30 2009

 Tonna pennata (Mørch, 1852) Atlantic Partridge Tun

Syn: Tonna maculosa (Dillwyn, 1817)

Harry Lee's new book, Marine Shells of Northeast Florida (2009) assigns the name T. maculosa to this shell. I asked Harry to review my presentation (that utilized the name T. pennata) and a rather long discussion followed regarding the correct name. Harry had published an article in the Jacksonville Shell Club newsletter in early 2003 presenting the arguments for T. maculosa. The conversation became rather complex invoking the ICZN code and its interpretation, and eventually engaged Dr. Gary Rosenberg, author of Malacolog 4.1.0: A Database of Western Atlantic Marine Mollusca. When the dust settled, all concurred that the correct usage at this date is Tonna pennata (Mørch, 1852). Harry's final comment was "Now I have to revise my book (second edition)."

I want to acknowledge my appreciation for Harry's assistance and patience in addressing this issue, and Gary's always helpful willingness to enlighten our discussions.

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