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Posted: Apr 3 2011

Turbo castanea Gmelin, 1791, Chestnut Turban

 Here is another of Anne's wonderful photos from north Lake Worth at Palm Beach Inlet.  By SCUBA north of Peanut Island, Palm Beach Co., FL. 5/5/11. 


Photography copyright 2011 by Anne DuPont.

3/3/16  Rusty:

Pretty common all along the Atlantic coast for me. It's in the top 5 most common few inches size snails on Atlantic coast for me. Very distinct, can even be told from broken pieces. Never had found orange so it's rare found one little one almost solid brown thou stripes of tan/brown/white is most common and very variable so no two are exact the same. Odd enough shells with blue minerals from swampy low oxygen environment I hadn't found any and doesn't appear in fossils so also recent introduction to fla.

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