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Posted: Nov 18 2006

Turbonilla toyatani Henderson and Bartsch, 1914

At the time this presentation was prepared the only literature I could find that described T. toyatani in addition to the original description was:

Nearshore Marine Ecology at Hutchinson Island, Florida: 1971-1974, XI. Mollusks, William G. Lyons, Florida Marine Research Institute, No. 47, November 1989.


Lyons describes T. toyatani as “white, moderately large, with well-rounded,

somewhat expanded whorls. Axial ribs nearly straight, continuing weakly

on base. Intercostals with 6 or 7 strong incisions on spire, 9 or 10 on

penultimate whorl.” Lyons compared his shells directly with the holotype

to make his ID. Except for the “white,” this description fits the Mosquito

Lagoon Turbonillas. The color bands fade quickly on this species, especially

if not immediately stored in alcohol. Lyons collected only two specimens,

both dead. I sent a vial of about 80 (a few pictured below) of the Mosquito

Lagoon Turbonillas to Harry Lee for examination. His comments were that

“These shells are remarkably uniform. Certainly these are what Lyons

called T. toyatani."

While sorting through my Mosquito Lagoon material of T. toyatani, I came across this guy. Something must have unsuccessfully tried to eat it, but the gal/guy survived.

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