Posted: Aug 9 2011

Herbert, Gregory S.

Associate Professor, University of South Florida.


Evolutionary arms races, Stable isotope ecology, Paleoclimatology, Phylogenetic systematics and Neogastropod evolution.

Recent Publications

Herbert, G. S., D. Merle, and C. S. Gallardo, In press. A developmental perspective on evolutionary innovation in the radula of the predatory Neogastropod family Muricidae. American Malacological Bulletin 23.

Eerkens, J. W., G. S. Herbert, J. Rosenthal, and H. J. Spero, 2005. Provenance analysis of Olivella biplicata shell beads from the California and Oregon coasts using oxygen and carbon stable isotopes. Journal of Archaeological Science 32:1501-1514.

Herbert, G. S., 2005. Systematics of the genus Eupleura H. & A. Adams, 1853 (Mollusca: Gastropoda) in the Neogene to Recent of Tropical America. The Veliger 47:294-331.