Posted: Apr 19 2012

Hewitt, Susan J.

Susan J. Hewitt is a malacologist and naturalist in the British tradition.

She was on the volunteer staff at AMNH, New York, NY, for 12 years,

starting in 2000, spending seven years working in the malacology section

of Invertebrate Zoology, where she was awarded Field Associate status

from 2006 to 2008. When the malacology section became inactive in

2007, she moved to Invertebrate Paleontology so she could work with

mollusks in the fossil record. As of 2014, Susan is still staffing the mollusk

table for the annual AMNH ID-Day event.

Susan previously had a position at the Harvard MCZ for two years in

malacology, and taught a college seminar on the subject at Yale. She

has been interested in mollusks since she was a small child in England.

She has over 40 scientific publications, is actively involved in field research

in the Leeward Islands, West Indies, and is currently writing several papers

on the marine mollusks of that area.

Susan has also visited Sanibel, Florida four times (once a year since 2011), and has written three papers about the mollusk fauna there.

In the past Susan has also studied the land and freshwater mollusks of the British Isles (including the slugs), and the marine mollusks of Southern California. Two of her publications are on Pleistocene fossils, and one is about shells in an ancient archeological site.

Susan is also very active on Wikipedia, where she is a founder member of both WikiProject Gastropods and WikiProject Bivalves:

For an updated list of Susan's publications, see:

Susan and Marlo are also supporters and advocates for use of