Posted: Nov 29 2010

Krisberg, Marlo F.

A Chicago boy who fell for seashells during his first trip to the Florida

Keys in 1959. I started active collecting after moving to Florida in 1979.

Gave it up after about five years after witnessing excessive collecting

and habitat destruction for commercial exploitation. In response to a

request by Paula M. Mikkelsen in the early 90's for assistance with

collecting records in the Indian River Lagoon, I began "inventory" field

work in restricted areas of the Lagoon to make Paula's work as

comprehensive as possible*. This effort got me interested in micro

shells. During those years I met Harry Lee and Phil Poland, two very

conservation-minded and science oriented collectors. Phil taught me

responsible field collecting (take little and only for representation, or

what you intend to contribute to others to support scientific efforts). Harry tirelessly assisted with identifications, literature, and connected me with researchers with interests in the material I was encountering. Inspired by Phil, Harry and Tucker Abbott (a fellow member of the Astronaut Trail Shell Club in the early 90's), all of whom for which sharing the joys and furthering the knowledge of Mollusks was paramount, my focus since Paula's request has been taking inventory of Florida's shallow water (estuarian, lagoonal, and Florida Keys) marine shells with the objective of providing material to researchers and documenting the distribution of living populations around Florida.

In late 2005, Scott Schubbe, a collector friend started the Let's Talk Seashells (LTS) forum. He invited me to be an administrator. Soon afterward Scott left Florida and I saw LTS as a challenging opportunity to augment the discourse on Conch-L with expanded capabilites (photos, dialog-like story telling, inter-topic linking, etc.) and fewer restrictions. I have been the principal administrator since. I personally use LTS to provide identification information on Florida seashells. I rely heavily on shells, photos and information generously given or loaned by others. I thank all who have so contributed and enabled LTS to grow into an information resource I hope more and more will find helpful.

I am a full time administrator with NASA and my work with shells and LTS are hobbies. I have no formal training in this area and the time spent on it is limited since, when the surf is up, hitting the waves takes priority.







*Mikkelsen, Paula M., Mikkelsen, Paul S. and Larlen, David J. 1995. Molluscan Biodiversity In The Indian River Lagoon, Florida. Bulletin of Marine Science, 57(1): 94-127.