Posted: Dec 11 2017

Lee, Harry G.

Harry Lee is currently a Field Associate, Invertebrate Zoology, Visiting Researcher, Invertebrate Paleontology at University of Florida, Florida Museum, Gainsville, FL.  Harry is a long-time Mollusk enthusiast, extremely expert taxonomist, frequent shell-show judge and Scientific Advisor for the Jaxshells website.  Harry has been an unfailing friend to all shell collectors, frequent contributor to Conch-L, and an invaluable aid and advisor to Let's Talk Seashells.   Harry has published numerous articles and the book Marine Shells of Northeast Florida.

Harry is a bit camera shy, but this is my favorite photo with the most favorite person in my life from the 2008 Astronaut Trail Shell Club Show.


Sep 13, 2019:

From article in Tampa Bay Times