Posted: Aug 8 2014

McLean, James H.

James H. McLean, Curator Emeritus, Natural History Museum Los Angeles County.

Dr. James McLean became Curator of Malacology in 1964 just prior to the completion of his Ph.D. In 2001, after a career that spanned almost 40 years, he retired from his curatorial position and received Curator Emeritus status. Dr. McLean remains active in his gastropod research and is currently working on two large monographs. His work has focused on the systematics of marine gastropods of the Eastern Pacific, with particular interests in Patellogastropoda and the Vetigastropoda, particularly the families Fissurellidae, Trochidae, Turbinidae, Colloniidae, and Liotiidae, as well as the neogastropod family Turridae. Following the discovery of hydrothermal communities, in 1977, Dr. McLean studied and named a number of limpet families from that community. His interest in the gastropod fauna of the northeast Pacific resulted in the handbook Marine Shells of Southern California (1969, revised 1978).