Posted: Nov 15 2010

Paulay, Gustav

Dr. Gustav Paulay is Curator of Marine Malacology, Florida Museum of Natural History, Invertebrate Zoology (Malacology & Marine Invertebrates), Gainsville, Florida.

Research Interests
Biogeography, evolution, systematics, and natural history of invertebrates. Marine biodiversity and biogeography, especially of tropics and coral reefs. Dynamics of species diversity and distributions; marine speciation. Large-scale marine biodiversity surveys. Island biology; marine and terrestrial biota of Pacific islands.

Ongoing Fieldwork

Our lab has an active field program on tropical coral reefs, with focus on the tropical Pacific. Field projects are focused on questions of biogeography and speciation on the one hand, and large-scale biodiversity surveys to document invertebrate species on the other. The former by its nature is pursued across as many islands and reefs as practical, throughout the Indo-west Pacific. The latter is focused on selected sites: Guam and neighboring islands in Micronesia, and Moorea and neighboring islands in Southeast Polynesia. All field work includes a substantial sampling component, with species documented by in situ photos, field notes, and preserved for morphological and genetic study. Focus is usually on cnidarians, mollusks, crustaceans, and echinoderms, although other phyla are also included.

Dr. Paulay is an active supporter of the Florida Marine Invertebrates Genetic Barcoding Initiative

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