Posted: Nov 16 2011

Poremski, André

André wrote about himself in THE CONE COLLECTOR #13 - January 2010:

"Today, at 28, I collect exclusively Conus from the Caribbean and Western Atlantic Provinces. Apart from those who collect a few choice representatives of each species, I collect population samples. In my most favorable of scenarios I would have 12 or more adult specimens collected from a given population that represent its full range in morphological variability. In addition to this display set would be one juvenile specimen, and one gerontic specimen, the latter representing the growth potential of the species. With this method of collection, I want to better understand the relationships between populations within a given species complex. I am comparing morphological observations about each group I study and compiling data to compare habitat, food and substrate information as well. I have also begun to record seasonal movements and breeding habits of some species, although I am admittedly lacking in knowledge of valiger development of Caribbean/Western Atlantic Conus."

André is a contributor to THE CONE COLLECTOR and proprietor of Aurantius Shells.