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Posted: Jun 27 2019

Vexillum albocinctum (C. B. Adams, 1845), Sulcate Miter

Vexillum albocinctum 1.JPG

Jan 7, 2020:  There is confusion regarding the type figure illustrated by Clench and Turner [Clench, W. J. and R. D. Turner, 1950.  The western Atlantic marine mollusks described by C. B. Adams. Occasional Papers on Mollusks 1(15): 233-403] and Abbott (Abbott, R. Tucker. 1974. American Seashells, Second Edition) for this taxon.  Cernohorsky [Cernohorsky, W.O., 1978. The taxonomy of Caribbean-Atlantic Costellariidae (Mollusca: Gastropoda). Records of the Auckland Institute and Museum 15: 87-109] examined the type material and found that "some mix-up probably occurred," with the specimen illustrated by Clench and Turner as the holotype not fitting Adam's description, and was actually more likely the type specimen for V. monilifera C. B. Adams.  Cernohorsky discussed other issues, but my opinion is that he accurately concluded that the specimen illustrated by Clench and Turner and later by Abbott (see below) was not Adam's V. albocincta.  Despite my limited samples for the involved taxa, I believe the specimens I've illustrated as V. albocinctum are indeed this taxon and conform closely to the specimens Cernohorsky presented as "Probable syntypes of Mitra albocincta C. B. Adams."  See Figs 19 and 20, below.


This is actually the holotype of V. moniliferum 

V albocinctum.JPG
Vexillum albocinctum 3.JPG
Vexillum moniliferum 5.JPG
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