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Posted: Dec 12 2021

Agathistoma fasciatum (Born, 1778), Smooth Atlantic Tegula    Previously Tegula fasciata (Born, 1778)

Tegula fasciate 1.jpg
Tegula fasciate 2.jpg
Tegula fasciate 3.jpg
Tegula fasciate 4.jpg

A conversation on Conch-L:

10/12/22  Marlo:  "Who can give us background of when Tegula fasciata (Born, 1778) became Agathistoma fasciatum (Born, 1778)?"

10/15/22  Harry Lee:  "...DeVries (2007) seems to be the first to exalt Agathistoma Olsson & Harbison, 1953 to full generic rank as ... Dornellas et al. (2021) inferred."   "The molecular genetic revelations of Dornellas et al. (2021) certainly provided convincing validation of the DeVries morphologic work."

DeVries, T.J. 2007. Late Cenozoic Tegulinae (Gastropoda:Trochidae) from southern Peru. The Nautilus 121(4): 163–181.<>

Dornellas, A.P., R.M. Graboski, M.E. Hellberg, T.M.C. Lotufo, 2021. Phylogeography of Agathistoma (Turbinidae, Tegulinae) snails in tropical and southwestern Atlantic. Zoologica Scripta. DOI: 10.1111/zsc.12517. <>

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