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Posted: May 19 2008

 Bostrycapulus aculeatus (Gmelin, 1791), (Crepidula) Spiny Slipper Shell

Additional notes:

I posted a notice on Conch-L regarding this presentation. As a result
Carole Marshall asked:

"Where was the elevation in status written? It seems a lot of work is done and things changed without knowing where or who did the work. Were any other Crepidula involved? Most of the new books, papers etc reflect a change, but few recite citations."

Carole's question was answered as follows:

Fabio Moretzsohn replied:

"The 'recent' move of subgenus Bostrycapulus to the generic level was proposed by Simone (2002), based on a comparative anatomical study and morphological phylogeny of the Calyptraeoidea. His findings regarding the position of Bostrycapulus aculeatus is also supported by a molecular phylogeny (based on cytochrome oxidase I data) by Collin (2003).

Collin, R. 2003. Phylogenetic relationships among calyptraeid gastropods and their implications for the biogeography of marine speciation. Systematic Biology 52(5): 618–640.

Simone, L. R. L. 2002. Comparative morphological study and phylogeny of representatives of the superfamily Calyptraeoidea (including Hipponicoidea)(Mollusca, Caenogastropoda). Biota Neotropica 2(2): 1–137."

Harry Lee proffered:

"Recently moved from Crepidula s.s. to Bostrycapulus by Olsson and Harbison, 1953 .... Olsson, A.A. and A. Harbison, 1953. Pliocene Mollusca of southern Florida. Monograph No. 8 Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia, v + pp. 1-457 + 65 pls." (Lee, 2009: 75, 177).

Although Bostrycapulus was erected as a subgenus of Crepidula Lamarck, 1799 with its type species designated: "Crepidula aculeata (Gmelin)" [more properly Patella aculeata Gmelin, 1791] on page 279 of this work, the name does not appear in the index or in any of the plates.

'Recently' in this case means 2005: < >."

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