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Posted: Apr 24 2012

 Bulla solida Gmelin, 1791, Solid Bubble Shell

Posted: Apr 26 2012 on LTS Forum by bullas1:

Marlo-here's one I've had several years.

Bulla solida
trawled at 60/120 feet of water on muddy bottom.
Dry Tortugas,Florida.1979

Posted: Apr 28 2012 on LTS Forum by Emilio Garcia:

"I have not collected Bulla (solida) in the Gulf of Mexico,

but I have a specimen dredged by Frank Frumar south

of Dry Tortugas (see photo). Frank is a well- known

collector for his deep- water dredgings off Key West and

... he is completely reliable. He has collected a number

of specimens ... from the same locality."

Additional comments:

Harry Lee reported:

"Clearly Bulla solida is submerged in the northern part of its range, which probably doesn't reach far into the Gulf of Mexico. I have one from 'off Key West, dredged in 50 m by Jim Phelps, ex Jerry Bijur.'

Since it has a conspicuous and relatively easy-to-identify shell, its absence from well-collected more northerly waters is probably not artifactual..."

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