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Posted: Aug 27 2007

 Calliostoma euglyptum (A. Adams, 1855), Sculptured Top-shell

8/28/07  carolinasheller asked on the LTS Forum:

Is this species readily found on the west coast of Florida as well?


Note that it is not on Harry's checklist for Cedar Key. I've only found it associated with clear water and in rocky habitats. Don't know of any found on Florida west coast.


This species is common on offshore reefs in West Florida (Tampa-Sarasota at least) at 40-60 ft depths. I have found nests of 4-5 specimens together.

David Kirsh:

Surprisingly, I found C. euglyptum at Fort Fischer, NC. I also found C. yucatecanum at Fort Fischer and at Ft. Macon, NC. Unfortunately, mine are somewhat beachworn specimens--haven't found any live ones yet. If they're on the jetties, I may have to be there during an extreme low tide. (Sometimes it seems like the semitropical species skipped the area north of southern Florida and landed in North Carolina.)


I found two large specimens attached to a wharf at low tide at the Duke Marine Lab, Beaufort, NC. It was low tide at the crack of dawn. I was quite surprised!

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